• Young Jun Shin (PhD candidate)

    -Invastigation of mechanism and assessment of renal toxicity induced by long-term exposure of low-dose heavy metal
    -development of biomarkers for diagnosis of early nephrotoxicity through evaluation of protein expression

  • Kyeong-A Kim (PhD candidate)

    -Mechanism studies on Blood-brain barrier disruption under ischemic condition
    -Blood-brain barrier damage and increased susceptibility to ischemia under diabetic condition

  • Eun-Sun Kim (PhD candidate)

    -Protective mechanisms against acute kidney injury associated with chemical exposure or ischemia/reperfusion
    -Translational research for neurovascular protection during ischemic stroke
    -Identification of novel biomarkers for alternative animal tests for chemical-induced skin-sensitization

  • 노다비 (PhD candidate)

    - neuroprotective compounds in degenerative brain disease in vitro
    - neurotoxic mechanisms and protective compounds in ischemic brain disease in vitro and in vivo

  • Kim Jeong-Hyeon (MS candidate)

    - Dysfunction of endothelial progenitor cell under diabetic condition
    - The effect of heavy metal exposure on susceptibility to OGD(oxygen-glucose deprivation) in brain endothelial cell

  • Beomseon Suh (MS candidate)

    - Development of animal alternative testing methods to predict phototoxic- and photosensitizing- potential of chemicals
    - Identification of underlying mechanisms for

  • Yu Chanhee (MS candidate)

    -Identification of target inflammatory mediators/barrier protein changes in acute and chronic dermatitis
    -Development of therapeutic candidates agaisnt acute and chronic dermatitis

  • Muhammad Akram (박사) 졸업생

    -Identification of novel anti-inflammatory natural compounds and their underlying mechanisms using in vitro/in vivo dermatitis models

  • Ah-Reum Noh (MS) Alumni

    -Inhibitory effect of carnosine on induction of neuronal autophagy under cerebral ischemia

  • Eun-Ji Kim (MS) Alumni

    -Potential of keratinocytic VEGF as a biomarker to evaluate skin photosensitization

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