1. Member in Society of Toxicology (2005. 5 - Present)
  2. Member in American Heart Association (2008. 8- Present)
  3. Committee member in Korean Society for Alternative to Animal Experiments (2013.1-Present)
  4. Committee member in Korean Society of Toxicology (2012.7-Present)
  5. Committee member in Korean Society of Environmental Health Toxicology (2012.1-Present)
  6. Committee member in Korean Society of Applied Pharmacology (2013.1-Present)
  7. Organizing committee member for International Congress for Toxicology2013 (2013)
  8. Organizing committee member for AsiaTox2015 (2015)
  9. Organizing committee member for International Conference of Mercury the Global Pollutant (ICMGP)2015 (2015)


  1. KIT-sponsored Award for Excellent Young Toxicologist from the Korean Society of Toxicology (2014.11)
  2. Award for Outstanding Junior Scientist from the Korean Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2014.10)
  3. Research Award for Post-doctoral Program from Korea Research Foundation, Korea (2007.11)
  4. Award for Excellent Poster Presentation from the Korean Society of Food Hygiene and Safety, Korea (2007.11)
  5. Excellent Achievement in Research and Education Program from Korea Science Academy, Korea (2007.3)
  6. Award for Excellent Poster Presentation from the Korean Society of Food Hygiene and Safety, Korea (2006.11)
  7. 2006 Travel Award from the Society of Toxicology, USA (2006.3)
  8. National Research Fellowships for Young Scientist from Korea Research Foundation, Korea (2005.12)
  9. Frontier in Thrombosis and Hematology by Young Asian Investigators from Japanese society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis, Japan (2005.10)
  10. Scholarship from Health and Science Scholarship Fund, Korea (2005.7)
  11. Excellent Research Award for Pre-doctoral Program from Korea Research Foundation, Korea (2004.11


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